Written by: jemma

Considering university? In two minds as to whether it is actually something you want to do? This article will look at the reasons why university is the right choice.


University furthers your career aspirations

In the current job market, it is probably not news to you that it can be very hard to find employment. This is especially true for a life-long career that you are passionate about. If you are a career-focused individual who is driven by success, university is your call.

Over the years, as the job market became more and more competitive, a degree qualification was to be distinguishable and take your employability up to the next level. However, as more and more people have been able to attend university and graduate with degree qualifications, the more it is becoming the norm for people to enter the job market with a degree on their CV.

Furthermore, if you have a particular career in mind that you want to pursue that requires a degree, then university education is the only way to achieve this – architecture, for instance.

University can also provide you with opportunities for work experience – essential in the current job market. You can get internships during term time which may be a part of your degree scheme. An option you should consider, should it be open to you, is applying for a sandwich course. This is where you can take a year out to work in industry during the penultimate year of study. Being at university is also a great opportunity to get a part-time job – this is another way of getting experience and being able to earn some money during your time studying.

Spend time researching which University to choose, as not all will offer the options above so this could determine where you decide you want to go.

It improves how you study

As mentioned before, university builds your knowledge. It also builds and enhances other skills, such as:

  • Researching – in order to write essays, a lot of lecturers ask for 15 or more citations both on and offline – of course this is also an opportunity to boost your reading skills – they like the traditional forms of note-taking too!
  • Listening – attending lectures requires a lot of this
  • Communicating – especially in areas such as email etiquette and in seminars – these often entail a lot of participation, so ensure that you have grasped the lecture content.
  • Note taking – learning how to take condensed notes, this ultimately helps when it comes to revision

lectureAlso in terms of study, university can be a welcome and refreshing break from how you studied at Sixth Form or college. Of course, this ultimately depends on the type of degree you study. However, at university you usually have very few contact hours during the day – it is not like school where you usually are in all day from 9:00am – 3:30pm. You also work on your own initiative in terms of doing reading (which you get set a lot of) and building up notes from your lectures.

It changes your life

University can make big, positive changes on your life as well.

Whether you live on it or not, the campus can be hugely beneficial to you. Obviously, depending on which university you decide to go to, campuses are an easy and convenient place to:

  • Study
  • Rest
  • Eat and drink
  • Have fun
  • Talk to staff and ask for help

Activities are not just confined to campus, however. University provides you with the chance to live and/or work in a different area. It is good to check out the nearest town/city and surrounding areas,  shops and facilities to explore. In some cases, this involves moving to an entirely different country – you can have the opportunity to explore a completely new culture.
Being away from home and in an unfamiliar area can also build your confidence and independence. This can be through simple ways that don’t seem significant, such as:

  • Working on your own schedule
  • Depending on what accommodation you choose, prepare your own shopping and meals
  • Sorting out your own appointments
  • Being responsible for cleaning and tidying

This all really prepares you for the real world of learning to live independently and off your own initiative.

Reinvent yourself

University is also an opportunity to surround yourself with a group of entirely new people – as many people find, the friends you make at university are friends you make for life. University can increase your sociability: you live with new people, become acquainted with colleagues on your course, and there are also opportunities to get to meet new people at events, clubs and socials.

In terms of starting new clubs, many universities hold “freshers’ fairs”, where, during the first week of the year, you can sign up to the array of clubs that the student’s union offers – from sports to sewing clubs – they host them all.

Overall, university is a path that should be carefully considered. Not only to further you in your academic life and your future career prospects, but also as an opportunity to have a whole lot of fun for three years.